What should be done with scrapped photovoltaics?

Feb 01, 2024

Photovoltaic modules may be scrapped at the end of their lifespan or when they cannot continue to be used.

The methods for handling photovoltaic modules can include the following:

1. Recycling and Reuse: The recycling and reuse of photovoltaic modules is a sustainable treatment method. During the recycling process, photovoltaic modules are disassembled and their materials, such as glass, aluminum, silver, silicon, etc., are separated. These materials can be reprocessed and recycled for manufacturing new photovoltaic modules or other products.

2. Disposal: In some cases, photovoltaic modules cannot be effectively recycled and reused. This may be due to aging, damage, or outdated technology of the components. In this case, the component needs to be safely handled and disposed of.

The processing methods can include pyrolysis, incineration, or other appropriate disposal methods of components to ensure minimal impact on the environment and human health.

When handling photovoltaic modules, local environmental regulations and rules should be followed.

Many countries and regions have specific regulations to manage and guide the waste disposal of photovoltaic modules.

These regulations may require the disposal of discarded photovoltaic modules by certified professional processing agencies to ensure compliance and environmental friendliness.

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