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Shenzhen Keyue New Energy Co., Ltd. is a professional and technological enterprise dedicated to the new energy industry. It integrates one-stop production, research and development, sales, and OEM/ODM.
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The factory headquarters is located in Zhongshan,Guangdong,covers an area of more than 12,000 square meters, with more than 200 employees, integrating one-stop production,research and development, sales, OEM / ODM as one. The main products are solar micro grid-connected inverter, solar controller, solar small system, solar lamp, convenient outdoor energy storage power box, photovoltaic panel charging bank, folding photovoltaic panel and other new energy products.
  • Quality contorl
    Quality contorl

    Have passed VDE, CB, CE, ROHS and other certification, at the same time has ISO14001 environmental management system certification,ISO9001 quality management system certification and a number of photovoltaic power charging core technology.

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    After-sales worry-free

    Support sample services. The warranty is 3 years, and any quality issues can be replaced for free.


Shenzhen Keyue New Energy Co., Ltd. is a professional and technologicalenterprise dedicated to the new energy integrates one-stopproduction, research and development, sales, and OEM/ODM.
Photovoltaic Charge Controller
12V/24V/48V 60A MPPT Photovoltaic Solar Charge Controller
Intelligent and efficient MPPT solar charge controller, rated voltage: 12V/24V/48V, maximum current: 30A/40A/50A/60A/80A/100A.
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Solar Grid Micro Inverter
Smart Solar Grid Tie Micro Inverter 400W Inverters For Residential Application Photovoltaic Systems
In a micro-inverter system, each micro-inverter is paired to its own panel. So in the same 24-panel system, you would have 24 micro-inverters installed—one on each panel.
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Mini Grid-Tied Inverter
Home Use Miniature 700W 800W Smart MPPT IP65 PV System Grid Tie Solar Micro Inverter With WiFi
Micro solar inverters usually adopt a unit design. Each inverter unit is responsible for the energy conversion of one or a group of solar panels, which can improve the stability and efficiency of the system.
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100a mppt solar charge controller
MPPT 80A/100A/120A Solar PV Battery Charger with LCD and Dual USB
MPPT 80A 100A 120A Solar PV Regulators 12V 24V 36V 48V AUTO solar charge controller Solar PV Battery Charger with LCD and Dual USB
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Renewable Energy Charge Controller
Renewable Energy PWM 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller
The 60A charge controller is an intelligent PWM charge controller suitable for a variety of off-grid solar applications.
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Intelligent 50a Mppt Solar Charge Controller
Mppt Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Charger Controllers
The MPPT controller is a solar controller with maximum power tracking for solar off-grid systems. The characteristic of the controller is an intelligent tracking algorithm to obtain the maximum power point of the solar cell module, which can prevent damage caused by over-discharge of the battery.  
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mppt solar charge controller 30a
30a MPPT Solar Charge Controller for Solar Energy System
When choosing a solar charge controller, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of your solar energy system, the type of batteries you are using, and your budget. A 30A MPPT solar charge controller is a popular choice for mid-sized solar installations and can provide a good balance between cost and performance.  
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We are a manufacturer specializing in the development of solar controllers, micro grid-connected inverters, and foldable photovoltaic panel charging bank. Source manufacturer, quality assurance.

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About Shenzhen Keyue New Energy Co., Ltd. latest news.Get professional new energy products manufacturing factory info. OEM/ODM & customization!
Thailand Bangkok Renewable Energy
June 03, 2024 Thailand Bangkok Renewable Energy
Event Name: Thailand Bangkok Renewable Energy Date:July 3-5, 2024 Add:60 Rachadapisek Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Booth:H47 Welcome to all bosses!  
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The Solar Show Philippines 2024
May 18, 2024 The Solar Show Philippines 2024
Date: 20 - 21 May 2024 Add: SMX Convention Center, Pasay, Philippines Booth: 1-L23   Our booth 1-L23 showcases our products, solar grid micro inverter, solar charge controller.
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What is the function of solar photovoltaic panels?
December 06, 2023 What is the function of solar photovoltaic panels?
Solar photovoltaic panels: enabling humans to share clean energy Solar photovoltaic panels are an efficient energy technology that converts solar energy into electricity. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the promotion of renewable energy policies, solar photovoltaic panels are playing an increasingly important role in human life. The following are the significant impacts of solar photovoltaic panels on humanity: 1. Provide clean energy Solar photovoltaic panels can directly convert solar energy into electricity, which is a zero pollution and zero emission green energy source. Compared to traditional power generation methods such as coal and gas, solar photovoltaic panels do not produce any pollutants, avoiding environmental damage and air pollution, which is beneficial to human health and the improvement of the ecological environment.   2. Improve energy utilization efficiency Solar photovoltaic panels can fully utilize the energy of sunlight, convert it into electricity, and achieve efficient energy utilization. Compared to traditional energy utilization methods, solar photovoltaic panels have higher utilization efficiency, can save energy resources, and reduce energy waste.   3. Reduce energy costs With the advancement of technology and the manifestation of economies of scale, the cost of solar photovoltaic panels continues to decrease, making investing in solar photovoltaic systems an economically viable option. By installing solar photovoltaic panels, businesses and households can reduce electricity bills, lower operating costs, and improve economic benefits.   4. Promoting the development of renewable energy. Solar photovoltaic panels are a renewable energy technology, and their raw materials and energy sources come from the sun, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. By promoting the application of solar photovoltaic panels, we can promote the development of renewable energy and achieve sustainable energy development.   5. Addressing climate change Climate change is one of the major challenges facing the world. By promoting the application of solar photovoltaic panels, we can reduce dependence on fossil fuels, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and slow down the pace of climate change. This is of great significance for the future survival and development of humanity. In short, solar photovoltaic panels have a wide and profound impact on humanity. By promoting and applying solar photovoltaic panel technology, we can achieve clean, safe, and renewable energy supply, promote economic development and environmental protection, and create a better future for humanity.
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What should be done with scrapped photovoltaics?
February 01, 2024 What should be done with scrapped photovoltaics?
Photovoltaic modules may be scrapped at the end of their lifespan or when they cannot continue to be used. The methods for handling photovoltaic modules can include the following: 1. Recycling and Reuse: The recycling and reuse of photovoltaic modules is a sustainable treatment method. During the recycling process, photovoltaic modules are disassembled and their materials, such as glass, aluminum, silver, silicon, etc., are separated. These materials can be reprocessed and recycled for manufacturing new photovoltaic modules or other products. 2. Disposal: In some cases, photovoltaic modules cannot be effectively recycled and reused. This may be due to aging, damage, or outdated technology of the components. In this case, the component needs to be safely handled and disposed of. The processing methods can include pyrolysis, incineration, or other appropriate disposal methods of components to ensure minimal impact on the environment and human health. When handling photovoltaic modules, local environmental regulations and rules should be followed. Many countries and regions have specific regulations to manage and guide the waste disposal of photovoltaic modules. These regulations may require the disposal of discarded photovoltaic modules by certified professional processing agencies to ensure compliance and environmental friendliness.
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