Grid-connected Balcony Photovoltaic Mini Solar System Inverter

The microinverter is suitable for solar power generation and can be installed with up to 2 solar panels.

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Grid-connected Balcony Photovoltaic Mini Solar System Inverter

KOHAN solar microinverter is an ideal choice for garden and balcony power plants as it is specially designed for small systems. These properties allow you to maximize your solar energy production and optimally adjust the performance of your system depending on the conditions.


Products Features:
1. Solar microinverter converts the generated solar energy into alternating current and feeds it directly to the grid through a wall outlet.
2. Power conversion rate up to 99%
3. IP65 waterproof design
4. Can be connected to large solar systems
5. Low installation cost and long service life

Balcony Photovoltaic System


Product Parameter:


Product Detail:

Mini Solar System Inverter

Grid-connected Solar Micro Inverter

Micro Inverter for Rooftop Solar

Mini Solar Power Inverter

Balcony Photovoltaic System


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